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Gyn/Ecology, take two

Gyn/Ecology was complicated and thought-provoking. I enjoy this book for it’s willingness to not play nice; to name misogyny and show the extent of patriarchy. Her chapters on the history of footbinding, witch burning, and American gynecology I consider the best in the book. But Daly is highly unsettling at times. In addition to what others have wisely pointed out (her problematic notions on race and transexualism), I find her theory at time too, well, theoretical. This book certainly has me thinking, and I thank it for that. But, too often I find myself at the end of a chapter wanting her to be more pragmatic. Radical theory is fantastic for starting new areas of discussion and debate and raising one’s consciousness, but radical theory has the tendency to become too obtuse, so wrapped up in ideas and alternative realities and wordplay rather than realistic solutions.